Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today is Harvey Milk Day For Public School Kids In Alameda County, Gay Propoganda In Action

This is from the official Alameda County Public School web page

Educational Resources and Activities to Support Harvey Milk Day
To honor the life and work of Harvey Milk, students in 5th -12th grades participated in the 2013 Alameda Harvey Milk Day Student Poster and Poetry Contest. Read the creative and inspirational poetry our two category winners submitted. 
Our winners for the 2013 Harvey Milk Day poster competition are.....
Harvey Milk with Black Border - Letter Size-1.jpgPoster_5thgrader.jpg
Alex S., 11th Grader at Encinal High School | Molly C., 5th Grader at Edison Elementary School
Attention Teachers: Please take a moment to download the Classroom Discussion Guide for 2013
1.  CA Safe Schools Coalition has Harvey Milk Day curricula pieces and background information on Harvey Milk.
2. The Gay-Straight Alliance Network has resources to support GSAs efforts to celebrate Harvey Milk Day at their school site.
3. The Milk Foundation has biographical information on Harvey Milk and suggestions on how to use The Harvey Milk Story in schools.
4. The Alameda Harvey Milk Day facebook page provides information on the Alameda Harvey Milk Day celebration on May 20th at Encinal High School.

Classroom Discussion Guide for 2013 (also a official government page)

Harvey Milk Day Poster/Poetry Contest
“Be it proclaimed that the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education hereby recognizes May 22nd
as Harvey milk Day and encourages all public schools and educational institutions to observe this day and to
conduct suitable commemorative exercises that remember the life of Harvey Milk, recognize his
accomplishments, and familiarize pupils with the contributions he made to this state.” AUSD 2013 Harvey
Milk Day Proclamation

• Learn more about Harvey Milk’s life at
• Visit AUSD LGBTQ Roundtable Harvey Milk Day page for additional resources classroom
• “Like” the Alameda Harvey Milk Day page on facebook to stay informed about future
Alameda Harvey Milk Day contests and educational opportunities.

Poster Discussion Questions
1. What visual symbols did the artist use in the poster? Why were these particular symbols used?
What additional symbols could have been used?
2. The poster included a Harvey Milk quote. Why do you think this particular quote was used in
the poster?
3. What feelings surface when you see this poster?
Poem Discussion Questions
1. What images come to mind when you read/hear this poem?
2. What was the message the poet was trying to capture in this poem?
3. What feelings surface when you hear/read this poem?

General Discussion/Activities
• Have students write a letter to the poster/poetry artist describing what they liked about their
art, asking questions or thanking them for participating in the contest.
• Create visuals that illustrate a “Hope for a Better Tomorrow” to post around the classroom or
• Write a letter to Harvey Milk. What would you tell him about the world today?
• As a class, read Harvey Milk’s Speech on Hope (or watch the video “Got Hope for Harvey
Milk” on youtube.) In what ways is his message of hope still applicable to world events
today? What are your hopes for the future?
• How do the issues of equality Harvey Milk was advocating for compare to issues of equality
that are being sought now. How are the issues the same or different?
• Harvey Milk states, “There is hope for a better world. There’s hope for a better tomorrow. I
know you can not live on hope alone, but without hope life is not worth living.” Do you agree
that without hope life is not worth living? Why or why not? _________________________________________________________________________________

2 nights ago the gays also held an event for Harvey Milk Day and of course used it to brainwash kids, which was sponsored by many groups including the public school system.

pictures of kids being used to promote gay "rights
Flyer from that event shows that this event was sponsored by the public schools
past years flyers show they propagandized to kids then also

as does 2 years ago

first flyer least abrasive

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