Thursday, May 9, 2013

Video Of Rabbis Supporting Erick Salgado For Mayor

for Video of Rav Nelkenbaum's speech click here

Video of Rabbi Auziel Admony, Rabbi Beni Rachmanov, and Rabbi Romi Cohen (7:10) a Holocaust survivor and noted mohel. plus Ruben Diaz

Text of Rabbi Romi Cohen's speech
After World War 2, my country was Czechoslovakia, I was fighting the Nazis in the forests with the partisans, a unit of 250 men, and 25 of us survived, there's no one who was not injured.  I had the highest decorations which the could be give, for freeing the countries from the Nazis. I was very comfortable in my old county, all my friends had very high positions in government, I had open door where ever I went, and I decided to leave that country and decided to come to America. And I came here for only 1 reason because the Constitution provides freedom of religion. Unfortunately we just experienced the last few months, it's not really so.  The City of New York, the largest city in the world, having a mayor who is Jewish, his name is Bloomberg, and he came out with full force, with all his might, to fight religion, to deny circumcisions, which is a fundamental, the most important, basic of Judaism, and he is fighting it with all his might.  He came introduced a law, not to be able properly complete the Mitzva of Bris Milah (circumcision) with all kind of pretexts, blood libel, lies.  It's unheard of a Jewish mayor, the largest Jewish population in the world (the city of New York) and came out against; fighting god, fighting religion.  He was fighting, he was the main force fighting for homosexuality he was fighting for (some one called out toeivah).  We all know our bible, we know there was the flood in Noach's time, the world was wiped out (it was the great flood) and the final nail in the coffin was when they legalized homosexuality.  It shows you the demorality of our mayor, is something which you know, which is zero.  Therefore it's obligation to every decent person, if it's Jewish, or Christian or Muslim, any American who has a little bit of decency himself, has to make sure we don't get another Bloomberg, make sure we have a person like Erick (rest is obscured by clapping)

Check of Rabbi Auziel Admony a Talmid of Rav Haim Benoliel.


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