Friday, May 10, 2013

Cuomo Makes A I Love NY LGBT Campaign

Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Tourism Summit’ discussed $60 million in initiatives, including the ‘I Love NY LGBT’ campaign geared towards gay and lesbians.

In case there weren't enough gays in NY we are now paying to import more!

ALBANY — State officials are hoping that gays and lesbians love New York.

The Cuomo administration announced plans Wednesday for a tourism marketing initiative called “I Love NY LGBT,” intended to capitalize on the good will New York created when it legalized gay marriage in 2011.

Gay and lesbian tourism accounts for nearly $70 million in spending annually in the United States, Cuomo administration officials said.

The LGBT effort is among $60 million in initiatives unveiled at Gov. Cuomo’s “Tourism Summit.”
(Daily News)

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  1. Ezra Friedlander's house could be on the toeivah tour list. After all, what a historic site it is, the place where he hosted Christine Quinn for a Tu Bishvat seder!