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"Askan" Who Pushed To Ban VIN Has No Problem With YWN (Even Though YWN is more Pro Toevah and motzie shem ra)

2 years ago many rabbis banned Vosizneias for many official reasons ranging from malay tuma, to rechilus to bizyon talmidi chachamiem.  While it clear that those issuriem do exist on VIN; It also clear that those issues exist even more on Yeshiva World News, especially in Dov Gordon's pieces (David Greenfield). 

However Shimon Weiser Williamsburg ("askan" and member of the Williamsburg community board) the architect of the ban on VIN on a recently revealed interview said he had no problem with YWN. 
  • Shimon Gifter: Yeshiva World, are you happy with Yeshiva World?
  • Shimon Weiser: Yeshiva World is 100% they don't touch this kind of stuff. their a "clean site", a "kosher site", a "erliche site", and if there is any concern there is somebody to talk to you can email.
Just for the record Yeshiva World News was notified about the clarification letter that the rabanniem in question wrote, and the audio testimony from Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky and Rav Yisroel Neuman that they signed the issur against voting for Lew Fidler when they supported David Storobin.

There were reports at the time of the ban that VIN was banned (the askaniem's reason not the rabbaniem's) because it reported on former Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez's sexual harassment case . The UJO (United Jewish Organazations Of Williamsburg) (run by the Satmar Zalmoniem) strongly support Vito Lopez and all his candidate no matter how bad they are

A post on The Five Towns Jewish Times, attributed to the American Israel Press Service, alleged that the ban was the work of members of the Satmar community associated with Brooklyn politician Vito Lopez and that the signers of the ban didn’t really know what they were signing. Matzav, in response, defended the signers...

The post on the Five Towns Jewish Times site was taken down as well. Larry Gordon, its publisher, did not respond to comments...

However, Weiser stressed that the ban had nothing to do with specifically featuring sexual abuse cases on the site, or with Vito Lopez.  “It’s a vicious lie to say such a stupid thing that there was an agenda,” he said. “We showed the rabbonim. I have a whole list of articles going back a whole year. [The gedolim] were shocked that a yiddish website with a frum name should be poisoning the minds of the young, old, and the bochurim.”
Weiser said that he and several others had given a warning to the owners of the site about their content in January 2010, well before Lopez was associated with the scandals.
(Jewish Star)

Now Shimon Weiser is now supporting the pro toeivah Vito Lopez for city council even though Lopez voted for gay marriage 5 times and 7 times for a bill that led to teachers asking 11 year old girls to kiss each other!

Simon Weiser, a member of Community Board 1 and an organizer in the Williamsburg Hasidic community, said Lopez should be judged on his decades-long record of helping Brooklyn communities.
“For such a politician with rich accomplishments to his life, creating housing and educating the poor, to see him go down like this, it bothers me,” said Weiser.
(Brooklyn Daily)

VIN ban psak

This is not meant as a attack on all these rabbaniem, many of which probably only saw the wrong things on VIN with out knowing that they were really being used to support it competitor Yeshiva World News which was much worse.  I also have to point out that while I agree 100% with most of the complaints against VIN, however the "psak" is wrong about politicians part.
it's a mitzva gedola to attack politicians (who do wrong things) in a democracy, so jews don't vote for them in the future. AIN  TOELES GADOL MI ZU

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