Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dov Gordon (?David Greenfield?) Says David Greenfield Is Supporting The Lesbian Quinn

David Greenfield (AKA Dov Gordon) looks to the lesbian Quinn

Is Dov Gordon, really David Greenfield?
If he's not Is Dov Gordon right that David Greenfield' supporting Quinn?

City And State reported today that Yeshiva World News columnist Dov Gordon is really NY City Councilman David Greenfield
"But sources say that behind at least some of Gordon’s “Backroom Deals” columns is Greenfield himself, working in tandem with Yeshiva World publisher Yehuda Eckstein, with the councilman a primary source for “inside” political information.
“I’m not insinuating that David is the only person that uses the Dov Gordon pen name, but as it pertains to politics, he is far and away the only person writing about inside baseball,” Stefanie Fedak, Greenfield’s former chief of staff, said in a recent interview with City & State.

on Dov Gordon's Web Site

NYC Councilman David Greenfield
Councilman Greenfield, who has emerged as one of the most important Jewish political players in New York, may prove as influential in the mayoral race as he was in the September legislative race. Insiders say that Greenfield has told close associates he believes Christine Quinn would be the best choice for the Jewish Community. Although many in the community see Quinn as an extension of Mike Bloomberg, Greenfield believes Quinn has helped our community and supported important mosdos.


  1. Who better than David Greenfield, to know who David Greenfield is supporting for mayor.

  2. Who's David Greenfield supporting for mayor let's ask Dov Gordon.