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Satmar Votes For A Gay Congressman Days After His Same Sex "Wedding"

Satmar Votes For A Gay Congressman Days After His Same Sex "Wedding"

The gay Sean Patrick Maloney with KJ's mayor Abraham Wieder

Kiryas Joel gives a "wedding" present to Sean Patrick Maloney in the mist of his Sheva Klallos (Curses)

The boxed area was the vote in Kiryas Joel for the homosexual spitting on the name sake of the village Rav Yoel  (This box is the official vote)
Former Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth she was in favor of every single state deciding for themselves about same sex "marriage" and not involving the federal government in the fight (not sure if that is still her position) either way she is still much better than Maloney in Tuesday won the Independence Party primary for New York’s 18th Congressional District in here first rematch against Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney.
Hayworth won 732 to 650, according to unofficial results. almost 25% of Maloney total vote came out of Kiryas Joel

“I am grateful for the support I received throughout the entire district. The people who supported me have sent a message they want Washington to get out of the way and let us grow jobs and opportunity in the Hudson Valley economy,” Hayworth said in a statement. “I thank the voters and realize they want a Representative who will reach across the aisle to provide a genuine voice for the Hudson Valley. I will continue to be that voice.”

As reported by JP last week, the congressman’s "wedding" with his longtime same-gender partner Randy Florke may have cost him the primary. but clearly not in Kiryas Joel

The largest concentration of Independence Party voters in the district reside in Kiryas Joel, the village of Satmar, where approx. 950 residents (5% of registered voters) are eligible to vote in the primary.

Hayworth and Maloney will face each other again in the November 2014 election  BUT WHAT WILL KIRYAS JOEL DO THEN?  when they can be the deciding factor in Maloney winning or loosing the election. Hayworth has the Republican and Conservative Party lines and Maloney has the Democratic and Working Party lines.
(jpupdates)  highlights my additions

Don't think this abandonment of the Torah has not been noticed by the World
In the past two congressional elections, Kiryas Joel has split its vote between the rival factions. This time, Ms. Hayworth got 3,335 votes and Mr. Maloney got 1,518, according to unofficial results. Mr. Maloney won the race by about 8,500 votes.
Some observers say the community is less politically valuable to politicians if the two brothers' factions take opposite sides in elections.
"It hurts them if they stop voting as a bloc and just cancel each other out," said operative Michael Fragin, who did Jewish voter outreach for the Pataki administration.
The votes for Mr. Maloney were especially striking because he is openly gay, which would seemingly be anathema to socially conservative Satmar voters. (Crains New York)
Recently Sean Patrick Maloney Became a sponsor of a bill that would ban people like Rav Moshe sternbauh from entering the United States because Rav Moshe Sternbuch opposed the Chilul Hashem that is the Gay "Pride" Parade in Yerushalim
1) is responsible for or complicit in the extrajudicial killing, torture, or other gross violation of internationally recognized human rights, including widespread or systematic violation of the fundamental freedoms of expression, association, or assembly this means that anyone who tries to ban the Toevah Parade in Yerushalayim, committed against an individual in a foreign country based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity;

(2) acted as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign person in a matter relating to an activity described in paragraph (1); or
(3)  is responsible for or complicit in inciting a foreign person to engage in an activity described in paragraph (1). (selected text of the bill) highlights my additions so people will understand what that mean in practice
Satmar How can you claim to follow Rav Yoel when you go against his shitas (raban dikaru)

applicable part of Vayoel Moshe with emendations for American elections that show at least 1 reason why the Satmar Rav would assur voting for Maloney  (remember according to this sefara of the Satmar Rav, voting wrong is even worse in America, where you are voting for a candidate directly and not the party, because even if all members of the party were kosher except for one everybody else goes after the bad one, however in America we're voting directly for the bad one)
Satmar stop spitting on your rebbi

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