Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kashruth Council Of Canada ( COR) Gives "Hechsher" To Same Sex "Wedding"

Kashruth Council of Canada ( COR) gave hechsher to gay wedding.
"rabbi" Yacov Felder
Around 1 month ago the same sex "marriage" of Jeff & Jonathan took place in a nightclub on Yonge Street, Toronto.

Tsvi Heber
A week before the event, "Rabbi" Yacov Felder, Chairman of the  COR, called one of his mashgichim (name witheld) and demanded he be the mashgiach on premises for this disgraceful event. The mashgiach refused. The next day, Mr. Tsvi Heber, Director of the COR called the mashgiach and gave him a direct order in the name of Rabbi Shlomo Miller, ordering him to attend. The Mashgiach refused. So Mr. Tsvi Heber had to convince another Masgiach to attend. 

The COR claims that they were "forced" to give a hashgacha do to Canada's gay "rights" laws and they were afraid of being sued if they dropped the "wedding" for "discrimination".

For all non- canadians: Rabbi Shlomo Miller is the מרא דאתרא of Toronto and the COR is more or less de facto under his auspices.

This was an email was part of a correspondence of a few people and was forwarded to me by one of the people in the original correspondence, in light of my partner's putting up this story originally in a way that implicated Rabbi Shlomo Miller (who only clearly had a part in covering up this terrible incident but was only clearly involved after the fact, how much he knew and when is unclear to me and will be reported on in more details as we find out and confirm them) this email was written by someone who was involved in fighting this in Toronto.
he's referring to the original headline that "Rabbi Shlomo Miller Endorses Gay Wedding"


If you still think Gay "rights" doesn't directly hurt us (the Jewish community) think again

IH we will soon have more information on this very important story.

Can we trust them on kashrus if they sold their souls on one of the most basic tenants of Yiddishkeit?

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