Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Jewish" Press Takes Advertisement Endorsing A "Orthodox' Gay Propaganda Group

A Copy of Jewish Press Advertisement

This evil group has been responsible for propagandizing the acceptance of homosexuality in Yeshivas and recently marched  with JQY in New York's Gay "pride" Parade

The head of this Organization is Zac Mordechai Levovitz YMS (who was one of the panilists at the YU gay forum (which the roshei Yeshivas condemned))
"jewish Simcha" Kidush Hashem"?  More like Jewish avelus and chilul Hashem sheain kemahu

This is the video he was talking about (warning after the video it will have links to other videos from the same parade)

This is the "person" who placed the ad in the Jewish Mess at this years gay "pride" parade

In case you did yet realize what sort of low life we're dealing with

These are his comments from his facebook page supporting the placement of the shameful advertisement

Is The Orthodox Union going to turn into the LGBT Union?

I thought the Roshei Yeshiva of YU already paskened that such a forum was assur

Psak issued in YU after Levovitz pushed the first YU toevah forum

a sample of their "normal" advertisements
To contact the OU
Executive Vice President / Chief Professional Officer Allen Fagin 1.212.613.8381

Senior Managing Director Rabbi Steven Weil 1.212.613.8101  
To contact the Jewish Press
NY Telephone Number  718.330.1100


  1. Thanks for alerting us to this outrage.

    Are they trying to copy their competitor, the Jewish Week, which often features such non orthodox garbage?

    The Jewish Press has dropped drastically in circulation in recent years. They are going the way of the anti religious Forward and Jewish Week, both of which have small circulations, in more ways than one evidently.

    Would Rabbi Sholom Klass have allowed such garbage into the paper?

    Where is the Torah editor Rabbi Jacob Klass, and Gershon Tannenbaum from the Igud Harabbanim, who writes in there regularly, to protest against this disgrace? The Igud, under Rabbi Abraham Hecht, used to regularly protest against such immorality.

  2. Why is such a deceptive advertisement allowed in the paper?

    It claims that JQY is "endorsed by Orthodox Rabbis".

    What Orthodox Rabbis support a toeivah group??