Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bill Thompson Choose Gays Over Jews

Notice how Bill Thompson IGNORES the followup question regarding Christie's ban on repetitive therapy and goes on to the next question.  Thompson has shown he can't even answer a question regarding freedom of religion (when it conflicts with pervert "rights").  How can we trust this low life to defend it from their attacks?

I urge everyone to vote for Erick Salgado and be worthy of a kasiva ve chasima tovah!

May everyone (this means you EZRA) who will be voting for the lesbian Quinn YMS be signed into the sefer hamaves (on the yom hadin) and get all the curses in the 109 perek of tehillim (psalms)! (May your days be short and your position be taken by another. May your children by orphans and your wife a widow)

I wish everyone a kasiva vechasima tovah


  1. We hope Ezra repents and ceases embarrassing his ancestors.

  2. Amen! Don't forget to include the Sam Suttons, Leon Goldenbergs and the David Niedermans.

    I just received an e-mail there was a Jews for Jesus ad attempt in the Sephardic Community Magazine. See my latest post.