Friday, September 13, 2013

Flatbush Picks Erick Salgado; Votes Like Ovdai H' And Not Avodi Askoniem

Light blue are areas (EDs) where Erick Salgado won a plurality of all votes
The Jewish Community in Flatbush voted strongly for Erick Salgado showing the world that the Jewish people oppose toevah.  Mr Salgado's best area in the city were in Flatbush where he was pulling over 20% in most Election Districts (ED).  Salgado's best ED (numerically) in the whole city was in Flatbush where he got 41.6% The very Strong support for Erick Salgado is in a large part due the backing of many rabbaniem there especially the Sefardic Rabbaniem.  The largest credit goes to Rav Nelkenbaum the Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva and Posek who was moser nefesh for this campaign.  His last robo call urging Jews to vote for the Torah got many Jews to vote for the Torah and Kavod Shamiem.

Salgado's best ED in the city (second best percentage)

Click on map to see percentages for all of Flatbush


  1. Moreinu verabeinu hagaon harav Nelkenbaom!!!!

  2. This is the same area where people were similarly mekadesh Hashem voting for Bob Turner and David Storobin in the past. They should be blessed from above.

    What a zechus for the yom hadin!