Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Williamsburg Votes Against Erick Salgado, Showing They Don't Care About God Or His Torah

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Despite the fact that Williamsburg's is the Jewish Community that is most strongly effected by the anti Torah gezaros that have been passed recently, (the stores that the city is suing are in Willi, no neighborhood in the city practices MBP as much as Willi, They are the only majority Orthodox neighborhood that has a lot of toevanicks living in the area etc.) the community decided to continue supporting anti Torah political candidates.  Showing the clear disregard for the Torah, is the fact that Erick Salgado did much better in the Hispanic parts of Williamsburg then the Jewish parts. Only 1%-2% of  all the Jews who voted in Williamsburg decided to vote for a candidate that was supported by many rabbaniem for his stance on morality.  The day before the election there was a robo-call by Rabbi Nelkenbaum (the Mirrer RY) that went out to Williamsburg urging all the Jews to vote for mayor candidate Erick Salgado the only candidate to oppose toevah.  Both the Aroniem and the Nalmoniem continue to show they don't care about God or his Torah by supporting in block candidates who support kol hatoevos tachas hashemesh.

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  1. How about showing how the campaigning of Ezra Friedlander for Christine Quinn was a giant failure, as very few (if any) people followed him. Perhaps you can show using statistics and map, as you have done in other posts, how Ezra Friedlander was overwhelmingly rejected by his own community and other Hasidic communities. As with the David Weprin vs. Bob Turner race, Friedlander backed the less moral candidate and was roundly rejected by his fellow Chasidim and devout Jews.

    The fraud of Ezra Friedlander and his phony so called Friedlander Group was exposed for all to see. That smooth talking phony needs to be exposed for the fraud that he is.

    Some people from the outside world, who do not know the community, think that Friedlander is some kind of community representative. The truth is that he is a self appointed representative, who speaks for himself. People should be aware of that.