Monday, September 9, 2013

NYC Endorsements

Bolded candidates are people you should vote for
 candidates in pink are the ones you should not vote for: striked through ones are extremely against the torah

and you should oppose even more then normal candidates and should not get your vote in these elections no matter what.

in short
good, bad, worse

City Wide Races (Democrats)
It's a mitzva gamur to vote for Erick Salgado; who stands as the only candidate who is against toevah and stand up for the Jewish Communities religious freedom!
each of the leading candidates are each one worse then the next Bill Thompson, Bill de Blasio, and Christine Quinn

Public Advocate
There are 5 candidates running for Public advocate 3 of them are clearly in favor of toevah "marriages" and worse.
Senator Daniel Squadron who voted for toevah "marriage", and allowing boys in to girls bathrooms, teaching kindergarteners about toevah.
City Council Woman Letitia James is a full fledged supporter of the toevah movement she supported a resolution in favor of  teaching Children about toevah, and same gender "marriage
Reshma Saujani supporter of same gender "marriage"
Catherine L. Guerriero supporter of same gender "marriage"
Sidique Wai he seems to be decent on moral issues
City Comptroller
Elliot Spitzer, and Scott Stringer are both extremely pro toevah and other perversions. Spitzer led the first push for toevah "marriage" in NY (plus his personal sickness) and  Scott Stringer refused to get married in NY because NY didn't allow toevah "marriage", he furthermore voted to allow the pro gay pedophilia group NAMBLA to keep their tax exempt status

Brooklyn Wide Races (Democrats)
District Attorney
Charles Hynes has prosecuted innocent people for political reasons to vote against him is a kiyom of the mitzva of pidyon shivoyiem!

Williamsburg City Council race (33rd Council District)
Steve Levin has voted for many toevah bills including "marriage"
Stephen E. Pierson is attacking Steve Levin for not strongly supporting teaching toevah to children
from Pierson's web-site

Borough Park/Flatbush (44th City Council District)
Jacob Flusberg is a Orthodox Jew who believes in the Torah.
David Greenfield supports recognizing gay relationships for immigration purposes, supports abortion on demand, and argued in court for Nadler to represent Borough Park and Flatbush, and goes against rabbaniem in supporting toevah candidates!

Flatbush (48th City Council District)
there are 5 candidates running
Natraj Bhushan
Chaim Deutsch
Ari Kagan
Igor Oberman supports toevah "marriage"
Theresa Scavo supports toevah "marriage" her lesbian daughter is a lawyer who writes for a gay law journal

Queens Wide Races (Democrats)
Tony Avella voted for same gender "marriage" 
Everly Brown
Melinda Katz is one of the biggest supporters of toevah in Queens, she supported toevah "marriage" back in 1994, who knows how low she sunk since then
Peter F. Vallone Jr.; the good he refused to vote for a toeava "marriage" resolution: the bad he didn't vote against it and voted for other toevah laws

Staten Island City Council race (50th City Council District)
John M. Mancuso supports toevah "marriage, and all sorts of other garbage
Mendy Mirocznik is a "orthodox" Jew who supports abortion


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  1. Scott Stringer refused to get married in NY because NY didn't allow toevah "marriage"

    That is the guy that the so called 'Hasid' Ezra Friedlander supports. He campaigned with him in Boro Park a few days ago, and has been heavily promoting him on the Talkline radio programs that Friedlander runs with his good friend Zev Brenner (Friedlander pulls strings behind the scenes as Brenner's producer and collaborator).