Sunday, September 1, 2013

Christine Quinn Says She's In Favor Of Suing Orthodox Run Stores For Asking For Basic Tzniyus!

Ezra And Quinn in Williamsburg (where the stores in question are)

Quinn said she supported the city Human Rights Commission’s opposition to signs requiring modest dress by women in shops in Orthodox neighborhoods because, in her view, it places a burden on women that does not apply to men. By contrast, she said, formal dress codes in restaurants are applied uniformly to both genders. “If you had a restaurant that required women to wear formal attire and men could wear shorts and T-shirts that would be a problem.”
(Jewish Week)

This is despite the fact Rasmussen poll shows 64% of American are in favor the right of businesses to set dress codes

Sign Quinn YMS "thinks" are "discriminatory"

In towns all over the country, business owners, town officials and even judges are setting new dress code rules. A Tennessee judge has set conservative guidelines for female lawyers in the courtroom; banks in a Florida town have banned hats, hoods and sunglasses in an attempt to thwart robberies, and a New Jersey shore town has banned overly saggy pants on its boardwalk. 
Most American Adults (64%) agree that business owners should be allowed to establish dress codes for people who enter their facility, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 23% disagree. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
(rasmussen poll)


  1. Golus, Golus....

  2. Outraged at Ezra Friedlander phony baloneySeptember 1, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    Did you see the new video from the meeting Ezra Friedlander convened with Quinn and his friends from a few days ago?

    In it (as previously), Ezra is mechabed Joseph Potasnik from the so called 'NY Board of Rabbis', which was assered by gedolei Yisroel. Potasnik is the spiritual leader of a non orthodox Temple in Brooklyn Heights. Yet Friedlander continues to honor him and call him 'Rabbi' . See at 8:22 in the video. Potasnik goes on to say that he is Ezra's 'Rabbi'. What a great match. Now we see who Ezra's posek is!

  3. What is Agudath Israel doing there?September 1, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    Can someone explain to me what David Zwiebel of Agudah is doing there, at a meeting where they are mechabed the exec. VP of the NY Board of Rabbis, against the psak of gedolei Yisroel and gedolei Agudath Israel?

    Is he totally under the sway of Friedlander, who Agudah hired to do their legislative breakfast in the past? How can Agudah hire someone like Friedlander, who is working with the Quinn toeivah campaign, and who speaks out publicly advocating that people should separate politics from the Torah, when the whole idea of Agudah is that everything should be al pi Torah?

    Does the Moetzes gedolei haTorah know about Zwiebel participating with Potasnik and Quinn? If not, someone should tell them what is going on.

    1. and if they do know what's going on they they are behind it?
      what if they ignored the psak from 50 years ago. what if the Moetzes ketani haTorah are actually supporters of toevah for money.

  4. The jews keep fiddling ,while the/their world burns