Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gays Use Salgado's Overall Poor Numbers To "Show" NYers Are In Favor Of Toevah "Marriage"

So how did the National Organization For Marriage's endorsed candidate do in NYC primary?

by Jeremy Hooper
NOM publicly endorsed anti-gay Democrat Erick Salgado, a protege of their pal Rubén Díaz. This is what a NOM endorsement gets you in New York City:
(98% reporting)
NYC primary results [New York Times]
In the endorsement of Salgado (which humorously misspelled Salgado's first name), NOM and its president, Brian Brown, also blasted Republican candidate Joe Lhota for supporting marriage equality. Joe Lhota easily won his primary and is now the city's Republican candidate for mayor.
A banner year you're having, NOM!

some of their comments
  • In any other organization such a stellar record of failure would have resulted in the top guy getting the axe long ago.

  • Today's lesson: If you are running for public office, one of your first priorities must be to assure that NOM does NOT endorse your candidacy.
  • Anthony Weiner got double the vote their bitch-boy got. The people have spoken. #NOMFail
If the entire Jewish Community supported Erick Salgado this major Chillul Hashem would have been avoided! 
This Means You, Williamsburg


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