Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sephardic Community Federation Supports the Worst Candidates in Including Quinn YMS

Who NOT to vote for
The SFC put out a letter that a bunch of anonymous "rabbis" agreed with supporting their Quinn endorsement.
A letter "signed" by "leading" "rabbis"

 who NOT to vote for

Joe Lhota: is by far the most liberal of all the Republicans and was originally for the Mayor's MBP regulation before he realized he needed our votes.
Christine Quinn: "married" to a woman, need I say more.
Charles Hynes: who persecutes the innocent and protects the guilty.
David Greenfield: who used to work for the Sephardic Community Federation (and supports Quinn),  voted for an abortion on demand bill, testified in court regarding redistricting in favor of Nadler representing Borough Park (will report on that soon), and endorsed Lew Fidler against many Rabbaniem
Theresa Scavo: who supports same gender "marriage" and has a lesbian daughter who's on the board of a gay legal organization!


  1. Sad... :-(

    To see the relationship between Image magazine and daat Torah, one can go to their website now and see how they promote things that are against halachah, such as shows featuring kol ishah and lack of sniut. So it is not a great surprise that they also endorsed in such a manner, but it is a disappointment. It is well known that the Bnei and Bnot Torah in the community have a different publication, Community magazine, which follows much higher Torah standards, baruch Hashem. It may not have as many pages as Image, but its quality is much higher.

    One sentence in the page shown above is especially offensive, when they write (second to last paragraph) "Nor can we aspire to be effective in changing the overall trends of society". What? We cannot even aspire to that? We can and must always aspire (hope) that people will repent and act properly, and in fact we express that thought multiple times a day in our tefillot (for example in the second part of Aleinu at the end of tefillah). Perhaps we are not zocheh to have it always happen right away, we are surrounded by tumah unfortunately, but to say that we cannot even hope for that? That is neged Torateinu Hakedoshah.

  2. Why don't they list the names of the rabbis they claim to have endorsed these individuals??